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JVP Service Centre can repair your Bowers & Wilkins product whether it be a speaker or Wireless-Music-System or Headphones
If your B & W product has gone faulty and is under warranty or out of warranty we can help you!



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Bowers-Wilkins repairs service

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” Bowers & Wilkins makes the world’s most advanced home cinema, hi-fi and iPod® speakers, and are used by Abbey Road Studios and music lovers everywhere.

“The best loudspeaker isn’t the one that gives the most, it’s the one that loses the least.” – John Bowers, Bowers & Wilkins founder, 1966.

At Bowers & Wilkins, music is our very reason for being and our mission, as a company, is to achieve absolute perfection in sound reproduction. We believe that a high fidelity loudspeaker should be to the ear what a flawless plane of glass can be to the eye: the sound image should be able to pass through it undistorted, faithful in every detail to the integrity of the original. “