Amplifier Repairs Sydney


JVP specialize in the repair of high-end audio, vintage audio, speakers, commercial audio systems, and amplifiers.


No matter the age, brand or fault we can repair it. BRANDS WE REPAIR

 PIONEER, DENON, ONKYO, NAD,  Sennheiser, Cambridge-Audio, Marantz, Harman-Kardon, JVC, Panasonic, Sony, Yamaha, B&W, Focal,  Sonos Sub, Bose, Rega, Jamo, kef,  Integra,  Emotiva, JBL, and much more



    • Home Theatre Receivers

    • Amplifiers

    • Vintage audio receivers

    • DVD Players

    • CD Players

    • Blu Ray Players

    • Portable IPod Dock Audio Systems

    • Mini Cd Systems

    • HiFi Systems

    • Headphones

    • Home Theatre/Cinema Systems

    • Turntables

Please call us on

02 9516 5887

90 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 PH: 02 9516 5887 FAX: 02 9516 5898

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

 please also supply the remote control

Yamaha hifi repair hifi repairs sydney

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