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Are you having problems with your vacuum cleaner?


If you are you may be trying to find out where and how to get it done. If your vacuum is still under warranty then you should follow the warranty instructions to get the vacuum repaired .

Here at JVP Service Centre we repair Sanyo vacuum cleaners under manufacturers warranty. If your vacuum cleaner is no longer under warranty,we can help you with any Brand or Model that you own.


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There are common issues that occur with many vacuums that most people can fix with a little guidance. First, refer to your owner’s manual to see if the problem is addressed there; many manuals will have a troubleshooting section for common problems. One problem many people experience is that their vacuum seems to lose suction. Although the power is on and the appliance seems to be working, it is not picking up any dirt.

The most common cause of this particular issue is a clog. Sometimes, this may also happen if the vacuum bag is too full and needs to be replaced, or if the bagless canister is too full and needs to be emptied. To check for a clog, unplug the vacuum and look at the bottom of the brush unit, you should be able to see if something is stuck in there. The clog may be in the attached tube and you may be able to remove it with a long straightened wire hanger. If the brush roller on the bottom of the vacuum isn’t spinning when you turn it on, you most likely have a broken belt that needs replacing.

Finding a clog in a canister vacuum is done almost the same way, you need to determine first if the bag or bagless unit needs to be emptied. If not, check the belts, and then proceed to look for clogs in the tubing. As with upright vacuums, a straightened wire hanger may be the right tool to push the clog out of the tube. If your vacuum is experiencing electrical or wiring problems, you should not attempt to repair the problem yourself. In this case…


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